by - July 06, 2021

Your desires are real.

Your desires are yours to have.

You wouldn't have them if they weren't for you.

You wouldn't have them if you didn't know they were available.
Whether those desires are a relationship, more money, financial freedom, a thriving business, more joy, a new home, greater freedom, a body that turns you on, a specific car, a sexual experience you'd like to have, a sensual photo shoot, a deeper connection with yourself, with your partner, with your friends, travel to certain places or anything/everything else!

You can have them.

The question is: Are you willing to let yourself have them?

I've really been exploring this and looking at my desires and where I actually haven't really allowed myself to have them. All the places I have layers of shame around not having them and even shame around what it would mean if I let myself have them!

Shame is so ugly. It's so energetically heavy and siphons my magic and I know it.

I have been bringing my desires into my embodiment practices and grounding them in my body and really feeling what it feels like to have them.

It's so yummy to do.

What I've noticed is there is a part of my shadow that actually has been perpetuating me not having them. Yes there is actually a part of deep programming within myself that enjoys the restriction and holding myself back. That deep collective programming of "it's too selfish", which is bullshit.

Sounds crazy, right? I mean why would I not want to let myself have what I desire?!!! Yet the key is to just be the observer with awareness and not judge myself for it. To actually just accept that yes it's a fact that I enjoy not letting myself have what I say I want.

One of my desires is to continue letting myself be seen in full authenticity.
Simply for the fact that it turns me on to fully embrace and show these parts of myself.
It feels like art to me.
I'm over hiding and making myself small for anyone.
Those years are past.

I'm finding that this is opening me up to receiving even more of my inner whore, my wild woman, my witch, my bitch (in her calm power) and anything else I've shoved down in the past.

It's time to embrace all of these parts of ourselves!

In the past, even 6 months ago, I was so triggered by women sharing pictures that reveled so much of their bodies. I kept trying to live from the "good girl" mindset like a "respectable woman who honors her body does". *PUKE*

BUT there was this deep part of myself that wanted to allow myself the freedom of self expression like these other women. Not because I was trying to be something I wasn't, but because I DESIRED it and the fact I wasn't letting myself is what the trigger was showing me!

This is all old conditioning and programming and where the patriarchy lives within us. I know I have more layers of this for me to uncover.

The other thing I KNOW is that radical self love and soul aligned living means embracing every fucking part of ourselves with no shame. (If the word fuck triggers you, you might want to not return to
this blog ever because I love EVERYTHING about the word! )

What are some of your desires?

What are your thoughts around why you can't have them?

What part of you enjoys not letting yourself have them?

What part of you is not letting you live from your truth?!!

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