by - July 05, 2021

Two of the biggest things I find my clients internally struggle with are ‘being good enough’ and ‘feeling worthy’.

I have not been an exception to this and have done deep excavation and exploration into both of these and continue to.

If you think about it, who or what experiences contributed to you believing then feeling that you aren’t good enough or that you aren’t worthy? Are they even true for you?

I say it that way because in order to feel a certain way there is a thought that comes up to produce that feeling. This is where you can be conscious with the thoughts you have coming up and decide if you want to make them matter anymore.

And when I say matter, that is literally what I mean. When you make something matter you make it significant and you give it space. Sometimes just mentally, other times in your body.

Generally if we go back to childhood there are connections around both of these limiting beliefs that developed from our behavior not being what others wanted it to be or adults trying to find validation for themselves through us with unconscious behavior of their own.

One way to explore this is to think of the first time you got a bad grade in school, made a huge mess and got in trouble, or did something that upset someone. Or even just consider the last time you made a mistake! When you go back to that moment, what kinds of thoughts come up about what that meant about you? Whatever those are, you’re still circulating those in your subconscious whether you realize it or not. So when you can become aware of them and decide if you want to make them matter or not, you can free yourself from it meaning anything about you at all!

The key point though is that these beliefs can only be present if we truly feel that our identity is us. Identity being who we believe we are based on stories and roles we have played.

You are Source itself having an experience. For me, I know I chose to come here at will and that everything I have experienced up until now has been essential for my soul’s growth. Even all the shitty things and pain yet I’ve come to realize that I can choose how much of that I make significant.

What I have found though is that if I get too wrapped up in my identity and the stories of it, I end up believing those implanted beliefs about not being good enough or not feeling worthy.

We actually can have an addiction to our pain and our trauma because it is what we have known and what is comfortable. This is also where trauma bonding comes in and we can unconsciously use our pain and trauma as a way to connect with others based on their stories because it feels comfortable to what we know. Once we can start detaching from our experiences meaning anything about us it opens a completely new level of freedom that allows us to create what we want to for our lives!

We truly do have a choice over WHAT WE MAKE MATTER.
Again, literal matter as in substance, content or even something brought into energetic form in our bodies.

And what we MAKE MATTER we give power to. So what about you or your experiences have you given power to that you can now reclaim and utilize in a way that brings you more into your sovereignty and creating the life you really want to be living?

You get to choose if you want to stay connected to the pain or create something different. This doesn't mean you spiritually bypass anything, you simply need to be present and process and choose what to energetically engage with!

Whether you're aware of it or not, the old stories of "not good enough" and "not worthy" can be ways that you are sabotaging yourself when you continue to engage with them. They can literally be buried and entwined in your energy field and your body. What are those old energetic pathways REALLY trying to show you?!

These ways of being are not always easy to decipher and navigate alone. This is some of the magic I bring in when working with you!

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