by - July 08, 2021

Last weekend, I was with some friends and their family and we were playing corn hole and listening to music.

My body wanted to dance in somewhat of a sensual swaying movement while we were playing and I had an old thought pattern come up that was one of protection which was, "You can't dance like that in front of people and especially men because they will want something from you."

I was fully aware that this was old wounding and something that I formulated as a child to protect myself from abuse. It was also interesting that at some point I really thought I was responsible for how others perceive me or even that I had to sensor myself so as not to make anyone uncomfortable.

So did I dance? YES! I danced and moved the way I wanted to with complete freedom! And it felt amazing!

Do you catch yourself using restraint when it comes to self expression?

When something comes through you, let yourself express it from your power.

Expressing from your power looks like energetic stillness and groundedness (if that's even a word, if not I just made it up) is what you believe, value and know.

You don't need to sensor yourself for anyone.

It is not up to you to manage anyone's experience of you.

You came here to be the full expression of your soul.

It takes exploring to find that. It takes inner work and unraveling of all the things that aren't you. Also building and having boundaries within yourself. And commitment to your purest divine expression which is blueprinted in you to bring you all you desire!

If you'd like some guidance on connecting with your inner power and sovereignty and getting out of old loops that aren't working for you, schedule a session with me here!

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