Where are you not living in pure truth?!

by - March 16, 2021

The ultimate life I desire? The one I pushed aside for years?

I know it all started with pure honesty and truth with myself.

I spent many years living from less than truth.

Years allowing less than what I know I could have had.
In relationships. In my business. With my income.

We aren't here to live a mediocre life. Well I know I'm not.

If you think you are, you're fooling yourself.

I had to decide to stop living from lack in all areas of my life.

I have had to leave the tribe behind and follow my calling.

The start of that was with my own family/parents and friend circle 7 years ago.

I knew that me following my heart and truth would mean losing them and their conditional love.

I had to decide that I was worth it and had to have my own back regardless of who or what I lost.

I had to get comfortable with the fact that me living in integrity with myself, first and foremost, would trigger people.

They would try to keep me in their mold.

They would try to talk me out of doing the things most people don't.

Even my mother who passed 4 years ago has tried to do this with me via direct messages to me (clairaudiently). When I started my business a year after she passed, she said to me: "What are people going to think of this weird stuff you're doing? Just do something basic and more acceptable."

I knew most would want me to fit into their mediocre way of being and they would keep trying to pull the ropes to hold me down.

And I decided that I was not having it.

I have gone through layers of this with friendships, my business, etc and it keeps continuing.

I demanded of myself to attract people who were supportive of me choosing my own way.

I know that ANYWHERE I am aware of a greater possibility that it already exists and is waiting for me to show up for it.

What possibilities are you aware of that you keep pushing aside?

What thing keeps talking to you that you keep trying not to engage with because of what people may think?

Your shadows are what keep you stuck. With the tools I provide you you can move through them and into what truly lights you the fuck up in every area of your life.

Many though aren't willing to make the sacrifice, such as time or money, and/or be that truthful with themselves.

Are you willing to leave the tribe behind and follow your knowing of more?

~Andrea Lynn

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