Get out of "deserving" and into your power!

by - March 22, 2021

"Deserving" is a lie.

You don’t deserve anything, "good" or "bad".

No one deserves anything from you.

I had to really learn this one.

Deserving is something we convince ourselves of so that we can avoid the work to get the thing.

It’s a sneaky little shadow that makes you believe you are entitled to something.

It zaps your power and makes you forget that you are the source of ALL you need.

You simply get what you get based on what you put in or don’t put in to getting it.

It’s all based on your energetic patterns and where you aren’t in your power.

I thought for a long time I deserved things as a reward from my abusers for all they put me through.

I had to accept responsibility for being available for all the things that 'happened to me'.

Sure we can ask for things and for assistance but no one owes anyone anything.

You’re not owed things because of your trauma.

You’re not owed anything because of your struggles or misfortunes.

Your parents don’t owe you anything.

You don’t owe your parents anything.

You don’t owe your kids anything.

Your kids don’t owe you anything.

The lie of deserving pulses through your veins with poison to constantly enforce disassociation from your power.

You are the creator of all your experiences.

This is part of the responsibility piece I mention in the video below.

Until you fully can see the energetic patterns keeping you stuck, you’ll stay in the loop!
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