by - October 08, 2020

 I love how Fall is a teacher of the value of letting go! 

Nature is an amazing example as the leaves change colors and fall off the trees to be returned back to the earth with no resistance. It's beautiful to witness.

I was thinking this morning how many people who played important roles in my life actually passed in the Fall. 
My mom, grandmother, a woman who was like a grandmother and a few others all died in the Fall. 
It was as if they knew it was time to let go as they were in the flow with the earth and nature.

When it comes to your past, are you willing to use this amazing releasing energy of the Fall season to let go of the past? 
All the things that did or didn't happen, how they happened, the choices you made that you have labeled as "wrong" or consider mistakes, the relationships, friendships, etc!

How do you do when it comes to that?

Do you tend to regret things and go back to them over and over?

Do you know how much the energy of regret and holding on to the past is keeping you from your power?

Check out this video:

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