Father's Day For Me

by - June 18, 2017

It is impossible to get on Facebook today or any social media for that matter without seeing Father's Day posts. I didn't realize how much pain I still have deep down in my heart about my father shunning me because I am no longer a part of the religion he raised me in. I have released it and let it go because it is what it is and I am not going to change it however deep down it still hurts a bit. I have to remind myself he is trapped in a cult/religion that tells him to do this but at the same time I feel he is responsible for his choices. Yet from what I have learned through my experience, he is asleep consciously and chooses to stay there even if he doesn't realize it.

So today I will celebrate the good and bad (because even those things made me who I am) that came from being his daughter however I will only share the good with you for now.

The good: Walks by the river, lessons on birds, creativity and hands on projects, a witty sense of humor, an awareness of physical health, being there for myself emotionally from early on, learning about honey bees, being taught that physical labor is rewarding and the joy that ice cream can bring!

In the end I know his choice is not mine to own or take responsibility for. It took years of therapy and working on myself to know and believe in my core that I AM ENOUGH and I have no doubts about that now. So today I am celebrating the lessons I learned that have helped me be the best mother I can be to my beautifuls, the most valuable and supportive friend I can be to those in my life and the best friend I am to myself. I know that those things are invaluable and I am grateful for learning no matter how difficult the lesson was on some levels.

I don't have bitterness or anger towards him for choosing his religion over me. I am at total peace with it because I know there is purpose behind it all and I do not need the toxicity in my life. I am flourishing in my life and loving it!!! 

Best wishes to all the amazing fathers out there today! Remember the importance your role plays in your little ones lives, especially if you have a daughter. She will base her future relationships on men who are like you until she fully accepts herself unconditionally on every level. You can help her do that from a very early age which will save her a lot of pain!

So if you're seeing this Dad, Happy Father's Day even if you don't celebrate it because I do.

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  1. I agree. I honestly have almost no memories of my father. And it wasa struggle to find a good guy because I craved that man that never existed.


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