by - June 15, 2017

Discovery can happen in an instant, and discovery can happen over years. Every day I find something new and amazing and I realized this summer on the beach with my girls that my life is a steady succession of simple and elegant miracles.

Then the other day I took this online quiz. You know the ones you get sucked into on Facebook. It was all about discovering your spiritual gift. Mine said:
You have the gift of compassion! Your heart is wide open and over flowing with love and kindness. You're a true empath at heart and there isn't a movie, book, play, or painting that doesn't pull at your heart strings. You're deeply concerned about those around you and there's nothing harder for you than watching a loved one in pain. You're in touch with your emotions and often feel a great deal of compassion welling up within when you see others struggling or overcoming something difficult. You're open-minded, non-judgmental and know the ins and outs of how hard life can really be. Your own personal struggles have only made you kinder and more loving. Its people like you that the world most desperately needs!
I thought, WOW! The universe it talking. The universe is always talking to us, because the universe is open and waiting for you to accept what is, and what you desire. For a long time I have wanted to start sharing my stories and so here we go. This blog will be a space for enlightenment, discovery, and personal growth. Thank you for being connected to this journey.

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